Wireless Camera Systems

CONNEX wireless camera systems feature advanced digital, zero-delay, video solutions for industrial applications, including cranes, UGV and UAVs (as FPV drone vision). Choose between a turn-key solution designed for optimal performance in tough environments or a customizable system integration kit.

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Cable-Free Camera Solutions

CONNEX gives you a zero-latency video stream from the camera to as many receivers as needed, all with HDMI output. Power input supports 7V to 17V. With plug-n-play ease of use, the entire experience is similar to hooking a direct HDMI cable to your camera. Receive the feed on any number of receivers,  output to FPV goggles or monitors.

Adaptable Models for Any Application

CONNEX wireless camera systems are available in two model variations to fit seamlessly into a variety of industrial applications. 

The CONNEX Outdoor is a complete turn-key solution designed for quick deployment right out of the box. This plug-and-play solution features a Nano Camera with a built-in Nano transmitter and Nano receiver. Its rugged chassis is designed to stand up to even the toughest production environments, featuring weather-proof design, two detachable magnetic plates, a battery plate, 1/4 20" and 3/8" mounting options.

For a more custom wireless solution, the CONNEX Nano gives you complete control over the camera and transmitter placement, ideal for system integration. It includes the Nano HDR Camera, Nano Transmitter, and Nano Ground Unit Receiver.

Which model is right for you?

Nano Kit

  • Designed for System Integration
  • 1,000 ft. Line of Sight
  • LiPo Cell Battery Power Support
  • HDR or FPV Camera options


Outdoor Kit

  • Deluxe Kit Wireless Camera System
  • 1,000 ft. Line of Sight
  • Camera with Built-in Transmitter
  • Rugged design & accessories included



What kind of real-world wireless range can I really expect from the CONNEX Nano and Outdoor systems?

At line-of-sight conditions, the practical link range is Up to 300 meters / 1,000 feet. The link range may vary depending on the site conditions. The use of directional antennas can extend the range to 1,000 meters / 3,000 feet.

What are the maximum numbers of receivers I can add to my CONNEX Nano and Outdoor Transmitter?

CONNEX Nano and Outdoor have a broadcast mode that can support unlimited number of receivers.

Can I use my own camera with CONNEX Nano transmitter?

No. The CONNEX Nano transmitter only supports the CONNEX Nano cameras.

What's the difference between the two Nano cameras?

The Nano HDR camera has a 720p30 sensor (1280x720 pixel, 30 fps) with High Dynamic Range (HDR), suitable for daylight and nighttime flights. The FPV camera supports 60 fps (1280x720 pixel), hence it is recommended for FPV racing applications.