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The CONNEX Max/Mini/Nano series are designed to be used in unmanned vehicles. These products offer an unparalleled level of picture quality and link robustness. The underlying technology ensures near zero-latency performance, enabling various remote control applications, including UAV crowd control, UAV inspection, UGV control, or any other real-time visually guided unmanned remote machinery control.

Firefighting and Law enforcement is being made safer with the use of Unmanned Aerial & Ground Vehicles (UAV, UGV). Drones equipped with CONNEX high-end, high-performance wireless HD broadcasting connections are mitigating associated risks by providing increased scouting and preparation for firefighters and law enforcement personnel. The wireless video can be received simultaneously at zero-latency by multiple receiver units. 

CONNEX offers end-products as well as RF OEM modules for ease of integration. Our products provide a variety of wireless HDMI and SDI links, ready to operate out-of-the-box, or, as RF modules, prepared for OEM integration.

Examples of Applications:
  • Remote control / Monitoring
  • Firefighting and Law-enforcement
  • Search & rescue

Products comparison:

Connex Max

Connex Mini 

Connex Nano



1 Km



Video Transmitter Interface


Micro HDMI

Integrated Camera

Video Transmitter Interface




Video Formats

1080p60/59/50/30, 1080i60/59/50, 720p60/59/50



UAV , Video Bridge

UAV, Video Bridge

Robotics , FPV

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