Industrial Wireless Solutions


The CONNEX wireless video products offer an unparalleled level of picture quality and link robustness. The underlying technology ensures near zero-latency performance, enabling various remote control applications, including cranes monitoring systems, industrial and mobile robots, UGV control, or any other real-time visually guided unmanned remote machinery control.

CONNEX offers end-products as well as RF OEM modules for ease of integration. Our products provide a variety of wireless HDMI and SDI links, ready to operate out-of-the-box, or, as RF modules, prepared for OEM integration.


CONNEX RF modules are easily integrated into a full HD video and control solution when quality and performance are required. It provides the best-in-class solution for zero delay control link.


Crane operators do not always have a clear line of sight for the actual pick-up or dropping point. Using any of our CONNEX zero-latency wireless HD broadcasting links, the operator mitigates many of the risks associated with the poor vision of the hook’s location.

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