Medical Solutions

Live video has become a standard in medical and surgical procedures.
The Video is sometimes used directly for the treatment and sometimes it is shared in real-time or archived for various reasons.

Why use wireless video in OR?
Wireless video simplifies the OR:
  • Ease of installation
  • Increment movement capability and flexibility for doctors
  • Reduced sterilizing costs
  • Opens new possibilities that were limited by wires

What wireless products are already available?
  • Wireless monitors
  • Wireless In-Light Camera
  • Wireless endoscopes
  • Wireless towers

Why is it becoming trendy now?
The technology is now very mature and the market is ready to embrace it.

Why use Teradek Medical products?
Teradek medical products are using a unique technology which is very robust and has zero-latency (under 1 ms) . It utilized 5Ghz which is very robust compared to 60Ghz and more available than 2.4 Ghz spectrum.
The technology is well proven in the medical and other markets and it is an award winning technology.
Products based on Teradek medical products were already given FDA approval.

Teradek medical products can be used as an add-on to retrofit current equipment to add wireless capabilities. The  products can also be integrated into other company solutions being an integral part of the full system.


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