Next Generation Surgery

Transmitting live video of surgery and other medical procedures is becoming the standard in modern operating rooms. Also, Avoiding wires is a necessity for ease of operation and reduced sterilizing costs for preparation. CONNEX offers HD and UHD wireless video links between the OR camera and displays with zero-latency (1 millisecond) and high-quality vital video links.  Doctors in tens of thousands of operating rooms around the world depend on CONNEX to safely conduct live endoscopy and camera monitoring procedures. CONNEX solutions are FDA certified, and CE approved.

Evaluation kits and OEM modules: CONNEX offers various EVKs (evaluation kits), for ease of use during the integration phase of the full wireless system. We also provide OEM services, designing the complete end-to-end solution for our customers, made of the wireless RF boards, interface boards, and custom mechanical casing.


Key capabilities

  • FHD video (1080p), including 3D formats
  • UHD video (4K30 or 4K60)
  • HDR support (10 bit per color) 
  • Less than one millisecond of latency (HDMI into HDMI out)
  • HD Audio (over I2S and SPDI/F)
  • In-room and Multi-room coverage 
  • Low power modes for portable (battery operated) device integration 
  • Multiple wireless links in the same OR, enabled by extended 5GHz bandwidth support (including DFS)

Product links: CONNEX mini, HD EVK, UHD EVK



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